Information about VICKS INHALER

The Vicks Inhaler opens up the blocked stuffed nose due to cold, and nasal allergies.

Key Ingredients:

  • Kapoor
  • Pudinah Ke Phool
  • Wintergreen oil

Key Benefits:

  • Economical, compact, and effective product
  • Gives fast and temporary mobile relief
  • Opens up clogged nose due to cold, hay fever, and upper respiratory tract allergy

Directions For Use:

  • Inhale medicated vapors through a nostril while holding the other nostril closed
  • Inhale deeply to make breathing free and cool

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Keep out of reach and sight of children
  • Store the formulation in cool and dry place

Additional information

Weight 0.5 g


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