The 7 Best CRM for Startups in 2023 Pricing, Features

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Furthermore, the software integrates with a variety of third-party tools, providing startups with a comprehensive solution to enhance their workflows and boost productivity. Insightly Service is a service and support platform to manage customer service ticketing and empower your team to have relevant conversations and drive customer satisfaction. A startup must, in its inception, start functioning in an efficient and streamlined manner. Because startups especially cannot afford to let clients walk away for better customer service. A CRM lets them find and retain existing customers, delight them, gradually enabling the startup in achieving a competitive edge. Social CRM, reaching out to potential customers can really provide a boost for startups.

  • Many CRMs also offer a free trial for first-time users, so you can try before you buy and avoid wasting money.
  • 5) HubSpot – Best for the best solution for start-up businesses wanting an easy-to-use CRM.
  • Product customization is especially useful for startups, mainly when offering something unique or using innovative operational processes.
  • One of the most affordable tools to manage your sales pipeline including basic functions such as email management and lead tracking.
  • In addition, having the right CRM software can help your team dodge miscommunication issues between your sales and marketing teams, limited data access, and missed opportunities.

Furthermore, Zoho CRM is well-regarded for its affordability and flexibility, making it a viable option for startups with tight budgets. With Zoho CRM, startups can streamline their sales processes, boost productivity, and scale their business. By utilizing this feature, businesses can scrutinize their performance metrics, detect patterns, and monitor key performance indicators, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. ClickUp’s CRM Reporting and Analytics functionality is essential for streamlining sales processes, predicting future sales results, and improving overall sales performance. integrates with popular business tools, including Google Drive, Slack, and Trello, allowing startups to consolidate their data and collaborate with other teams seamlessly. Moreover, it will help you identify potential areas of growth that are crucial for the development of your startup. – Overall Best CRM for Startups

Give your team members ample time to explore the program and really use it. Then, have a discussion with your team members about how easy or difficult it was to navigate. Additionally, make sure to use the provider’s support features during the trial. This will give you an idea of how responsive they are to customer’s needs and questions, which can have a huge influence on which provider you should go with. Insightly also has a mobile app that lets sales reps add new contacts right at the client’s physical location.

What CRM do startups use

Set up your automation tasks fast and leave the rest to the platform. Share files whenever and wherever with options to attach docs and links in task descriptions. The third plan is $30 per month, best for optimizing business progress. The second plan is $89 per month and is ideal for any team size with a complete CRM.

Salesforce Essentials

Streak is also among the best CRMs for startups and small businesses and is built for Gmail. It’s an excellent option for beginners, since it’s built into Gmail and G Suite. Drip is a powerful CRM and offers an attractive interface, which is very easy to use. It helps to bridge the gap between what your customers want and what your store delivers. GreenRope is an all-in-one CRM that helps you generate leads, increase awareness, and boost your conversions.

If you need more than one user, you can always spring for the regular Zoho system for not much more. With full integration options through Zapier, you can scale Ringy’s service to grow with your business. SMS marketing might be something you’ve overlooked and need to get on with, fast. There’s a lot of buzz online about SMS statistics, and it looks like it’s the hot new way marketers connect with customers. Unfortunately, the free version of Freshworks doesn’t include business SMS, which might be a dealbreaker for some.

Close – Best startup CRM for telephone features.

If you’re an avid G-Suite user, you already have all the experience you need to use Streak’s spreadsheets. It also has a mobile app for automatically logging calls and accessing information on the go. To avoid letting these issues snowball into larger problems, make sure your team understands the full range of benefits they stand to gain from using CRM. Teams that are mentally prepared to embrace a new business tool are more likely to get a greater return from that investment than teams who are unprepared or hesitant. You can easily segment your contacts by location, deal size, close date, and more to find the warmest leads to focus on.

What CRM do startups use

Has a data porting feature to easily transfer info from spreadsheets to the CRM. Salesforce is a beast of a CRM system, which means it isn’t super user-friendly. You’ll need a dedicated team member or consultant to help set up and maintain the system.


This way, you’ll understand how they approach their daily schedule. Your CRM won’t sit on top of everything you’re already doing to sell your product, it will integrate seamlessly into your sales foundation. If you feel overwhelmed by the high expectations typical of the startup world, a great CRM will be a game-changer. If you think you’re doing everything right but you’re still losing deals and missing sales and revenue targets, a CRM can help. This means while your reps focus on winning the next deal, you can focus on stabilizing and scaling your startup to greater heights. Take advantage of some great opportunities to become more self-sufficient with your data migrati…

What CRM do startups use